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Arab Woman Media Center Opining Conference 16th- November 2018
November 25, 2018
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December 6, 2018


“Humanity has developed significantly in the sphere of rights, justice and freedom, yet the issue of gender equality remains out of focus in the

process of social modernization (…)”

An article by Mahasen Al Eman and her suggestions about the image of the Arab women in the media, which influence the gender equality.

Linked you can find a paper about women, media and gender  by Mahasen Al Eman written in occasion of the Global Forum on Media and Gender held in Bangkok in 2013.

On about Arab Female Journalists and freedom of the press. The article is by Rita Henley Jensen, the founder of Women’s eNews.

“Political and Social Development In Jordan: The Past And The Present”

Paper Journalist Mahasen Al Emam

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WOMANist conference and workshop – Istanbul – Turkey

Gender and Media in MENA regio

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