Members List


The membership in the Arab Women’s Media Center is an example for representing the Arab Women Media Center as an umbrella grouping all the media women within a vital and stimulating system for media work and empowerment, and annually joins Jordanian and Arab media as active members and committed to providing a distinctive media effort through their participation in conferences and events organized by the Center

              :Committees members

“Mrs. Mahasen Al Emam  ” The Director  

Mrs. Asmaa Khadir

Dr. Abeer Dababneh

Mrs. Etaf Al Rudwan

Dr. Alia Idrees

Dr. Rola Al Horoob

Mrs. Lara Tamash

Mrs. Noor Al Moughrabi

Members Of Executive Committee: 

Mrs. Lara Tamash 
Dr. Alia Idris 

Mrs. Sawsan Mubaideen

Mrs. Mona Al Tarawneh

 Mrs. Iman ZaZa 

Ms. Hanan Al Foqahaa

Mrs. Nidaa Joudeh

Mrs. Amneh Al Yaddak

Mrs. Randa Jameel        

Mrs. Maysoon Al Khateeb                

Ms. Rawan Al Jauesi