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December 5, 2018
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December 12, 2018
  • AWMC sponsored a distinguished event supported by HRH Princes Bassma on the occasion of AWMC’s 2nd anniversary, She announced her acceptance to become AWMC’s Goodwill Ambassador. HRH is the first potential member and supporter to our newly born media center.
  • AWMC registered members now exceeds 180 Women in Media from Jordan and Arab view please click HERE
  • AWMC members from Arab world are increasing day by day and now the number of AWMC reach more than 78 members from 13 Arab states, to view please click HERE due to our new documentation project [Arab Women in Media Directory- on line on our web site with an attractive logo , and prints] We expect the number to rise up to thousands.
  • Dec 1999 – Jan 2000 almost 4 weeks were dedicated for talented Jordanian film directors to display their films and discuss it with the audience.
  • Two press dialogues in our center for Al bian, a UAE newspaper well known in Arabia, Both subjects were published.
  • We held the first training media course for 10 days which included participants from Jordanian newspapers and JBS + JTVS.
  • AWMC sponsored an educational theater for boys and girls. The play and scenario aimed to educate young generations on modern and democratic values. Democracy  Cast are young directed by a talented unemployed director.  Steps are on finals ready to be played on theater days later.
  • AWMC has dedicated March 12 as Arab Women in Media Day. For the first time in Jordan, AWMC launched functions and events on that day dedicated to honoring talented women in media. In 2000 AWMC honored five older and three young Jordanian journalists. In 2001 (13) distinguished women in media were honored. Along side the Arab women in media day AWMC exhibited Arts Gallery and products of local Jordanian women. In 2002 AWMC honored 10 women in media, including one from Baghdad and Nazareth.
  • June 16 –18 2001 – AWMC called for the first Arab Women in Media Conference held in Amman. This successful effort was recognized locally, regionally, and internationally so it was widely covered by media agencies. Oct 2002 AWMC called for the 2nd Arab women journalists’ conference.
  • The conference arrived at the following conclusions:
  1. A detailed survey should begin to build a database on the situation of Arab media women in all media institutions in the Arab world;
  1. All available mechanisms should be put to work to remove political, economic and social obstacles facing Arab media women;
  2. Arab media women suffering from oppression such as occupation in Palestine and sanctions in Iraq must have full solidarity and support;
  3. Governmental and non-governmental organizations involved in media training must meet the training needs of women working in the Arab media;
  4. Contacts must be maintained between Arab media women living under oppression such as occupation in Palestine and sanctions in Iraq and their colleagues in other parts of the Arab world, with a view to updating and enhancing the expertise of all involved;
  5. All possible steps should be taken to uphold measures to prevent violation of the rights of Arab media women in the practice of their profession;
  6. Information about the legitimate rights of Arab media women must be disseminated widely and fully understood;
  7. Efforts must be made to raise awareness of issues facing working women, and especially the role of Arab media women in contributing to the development of their own societies.
  • August 2001 AWMC launched AYAMM [Arab Youth and Modern Media], an on-line magazine supported by a volunteer staff of young women and men who are in charge of editing + uploading media in Arabic and English onto our web site
  • Sep 2001 AWMC started a training course “media for non media.” We have run 4 course and workshops so far, but still need to sponsor 16 more to cover all areas in Jordan. The overwhelming response among the public and media agencies has been positive, encouraging us to continue forward to complete the project.
  • Oct 2001 AWMC win UNESCO grant to establish AYAMM on line magazine in Arabic and English [AYAMM] stand for Arab youths and modern media also in Arabic means [Days]. View in Arabic Please click on in English please click
  • Feb 2002 HE the mayor of greater Amman agreed to rename the street where AWMC place sited on to be name as Arab Women Media street. To view please click on our contacts.
  • Year 2003 – 2004 AWMC produced 2 documentary films; first on violence against women, second on supporting young women divorced named a gate and windows.
  • June year 2004 AWMC called for third Arab women Journalists Conference, please click on
  • Sep 2005 AWMC called for 4th Arab women journalists in Amman for more details please click here
  • Oct 2004 AWMC has finished the third documentary film that is on role of women in political life named [Women are marching].
  • Jan 2005 AWMC called for the second Al Mashreq Al Arabi youths conference details please click

*.       AWMC contribution on Images of Arab and Jordanian women in the foreign media:

AWMC since switched on has participated in following activities on the subject:

  1. AWMC director MS Al emam Mahasen was the awarded an international award by ICFJ – DC – USA of the year 2002 as a distinguished Journalist details please click, and and brows down.
  2. Participation to foreign media regionally and internationally via;                                                                                              

Jordanian entrepreneur gives women a helping hand
Media center helps female journalists overcome prejudices in the Arab world
Tiare Rath
Daily Star staff

  1. Freelancer writing to NEWSDAY news paper 

A published story By Mahasen Al Emam in 

Newsday, one of the nation’s largest daily newspapers, serves Long Island and New York City as the premier source of local news and comprehensive national and international reporting

For both pleas click her and here


*.    Purpose and Impact

  • Jordan is a strategically located Arab State with a long history and rich cultural tradition and archeological inheritance by Romans and Greeks, then Nepatein and lately Arabs. 1987 Jordan has shifted from Autocracy to Democracy but in moderation. In 1994, we signed a peace agreement with Israel followed by a free economy and privatization agreement. Jordan was also accepted as a WTO member last year. Private media in Jordan is becoming a reality.
  • Jordan enjoys four seasons and many archeological sites to visit on which our main economy depends on. Besides a moderate agriculture and mineral sector that is a strip alongside river of Jordan and phosphate mines.
  • Most Jordanians have been educated academically but not that exposed, even though we have five governmental universities and community colleges besides the same number of private ones. So far there is no national education policy to serve the country needs. We suffer from unemployment and a depressed economical state.
  • Developing the national media is essential in this era of transition so as to accommodate globalization. It is not the responsibility of governmental institutes only but also of NGOS and the private sector. That is why we established our Media Center. We are pioneers in Jordan and Arabia in looking after women in media which is why we named it Arab Women Media Center [ AWMC].
  • Education and Training is the highway to development in any area that is why we stated AWMC objectives to focus on media training to produce an upgraded and modernized training programs.
  • Due to the modern and Hi-tech communication and ITS as well as the widespread viewing of international satellite TV besides development of INTERNET. AWMC is keen to provide advanced “ in house “ training . This would enable media standards to increase and improve communication between the media and the public, while also diversifying the range of programming available to Jordanian media consumers, and providing a better understanding of technology convergence issues amongst media practitioners, AWMC wishes to offer training opportunities to colleagues throughout the Arab world.

*.        Future programs, AWMC are working on media projects contributions, some still suspended till find a proper finance.

  • AWMC applied for financing contribution for 5th Arab women in media conference projects expected June – 2006, so far we have finished one: Arab Women in Media first, second, third Conference, fortunately KAS has approved to support the 4th upcoming Arab women journalists conference, expected Sep – 2005. So AWMC invited 40 Arab’s journalists and 20 locals among them one Arab woman from UK and USA. View please click here
  • [Media to Non Media Training and Education] approved by The Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands. They accept to support 5 workshops out of 20 that are needed to include all of Jordan.
  • Next 5 workshops funded by National Endowment for Democracy, Washington DC USA. More on the program please click on
  • NED decided to continue supporting media to non media programs to focusing on youths from both gender, AWMC are implementing the programs started Jan 2005.
  • Jan 7th – 14th 2006, AWMC on the way to call for the third Al Mashreq Al Arabi youths’ conference, 4 parts young women and men from; Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt, GCC states, NA states will join in Amman in 7 days workshop meeting their youths’ counterpart the Jordanian.
  • Suspended projects and programs waiting for funds:
    • Training Iraqi and Palestinians also Saudi Arabian women on two programs:
    • Media training A-Z media mostly will be on the job training.
    • Media to non media training program please click on
    • Arab women journalists conference number 4, after AWMC called for four regional conferences, this year we are on for the 5th  one Starting June 2006, in Amman – Jordan, for 4th conference agenda please click here, for more details on past Arab women journalists conferences please click here and here
  • [Women Status in Arabia series of 5 film productions supported by guide books] still under financing surveillance.

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