The first day of the study visit is all done!!
July 4, 2021
Study visit : We Hear your Voice project Activites
July 5, 2021

A walk through the different organizations dealing with women victims of domestic violence. At The Jordanian Women Union Association, we went through the women who stopped their abusers. Discovering and exchanging experiences and competencies, we discussed the safety and protection protocols of the shelters, about the training and individual programs they offer the victims.
At Al Khansaa Center for Women’s Care and Rehabilitation, we discussed the victims of sexual assault and incest. Young girls 12/18 aged are hosted to recover their time and their youth that was stolen from either their relatives or foreigners.
Not an easy path.
When we talk about violence, it is always weird to take decisions.
But everyone works to support the victim-survivors.
Not always with a shared choice.
There is no bad or good choice.
But a choice is mandatory in such a case.
Thanks to JWU and to Al Khansaa Center for taking the time to show us their work programs and for answering all of our questions.

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