King Abdullah said at a meeting with representatives of Washington-based international groups advocating democracy human rights and freedoms

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December 12, 2018
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December 12, 2018

HIS MAJESTY KING Abdullah on Saturday reiterated that Jordan was going ahead with political, socio-economic and administrative reform plans.

“We, in Jordan, have set standards to develop the community and to be a model in the region,” King Abdullah said at a meeting with representatives of Washington-based international groups advocating democracy, human rights and freedoms.

The King stressed that Jordan’s national agenda, expected to be drafted in September, is to contribute to the Kingdom’s modernization and meet citizens’ aspirations in enjoying a better living.

Reiterating support for political parties of clear national programmes, the Monarch said Jordan seeks to enhance democratization and activate the role of the society’s institutions for a brighter future.

Highlighting the important role of the youth and women in political development and elections, King Abdullah said it was significant that media outlets carry out their monitoring role in a responsible, professional and ethical manner. He added that the “law has the final say on setting red lines to preserve the freedom of expression as well as freedom of the press.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs and Government Performance Marwan Muasher briefed the meeting on plans to reform the public sector.

Bridging the gap

On Friday, the King said Jordan was leading a process to bridge the gap between East and West and to stand up against extremism and isolation.

Addressing a conference organised by Cisco Systems in South Carolina for major international IT companies, King Abdullah said IT is a key component in Jordan’s reform, adding that the Kingdom seeks to use such a technology in development and progress.

Noting that knowledge boosts productivity, the Monarch added that developing the educational curricula in the Kingdom and the utilisation of technology tools in the field, particularly in English language and maths, were to meet international learning standards.

The Monarch urged the companies to invest in Jordan, underlining that the investment climate there offers incentives, including tax exemptions. Cisco, a major partner in the Jordan Education Initiative, has set up an academy in the Kingdom to train students on IT.

The initiative was launched to examine and explore innovative ideas for educational reform to meet the needs of a knowledge-based economy, test alternative models of delivery, and create and facilitate a forum for debate on educational policy development.

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