New Covid-19 tracking system launched

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April 16, 2020
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April 22, 2020

Muscat: The Supreme Committee on Covid-19 has launched a monitoring platform (Plus) at the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Technology and Communications.

The monitoring platform, known as ‘Tarassud Plus’, will enhance the Ministry of Health’s current monitoring system by diagnosing, following up, and tracking the medical condition of individuals infected with COVID-19, who are under quarantine, by using artificial intelligence technology and advanced tracking technologies.

Tarassu Plus is an integrated platform having International Standards developed by highly qualified local personnel in a way that is fully compatible with the Ministry of Health’s existing application ‘Tarassud’.

The initiative gets the support of Oman Information Technology and Communications Group, eMushrif company, and Oman Broadband company. It comes as part of initiatives supervised by the State’s General Reserve Fund.

The platform consists of two main systems – the is a medical test program (qScout) developed by “” and Al Borkan Company to register individuals and follow up the development of their medical condition on a daily basis. It also monitors the spread of the pandemic and sets priorities by using Artificial Intelligence technology to minimize the intervention of medical personnel in early quarantine stages.

The system is used during primary infection indicators by spotting only the cases that require medical care and directing them to medical institutions. So, it supports the overall medical system by minimizing and scheduling visits to medical institutions, focusing only on cases that need a medical examination.

The system uses an automatic communication system that communicates with an infected person and quarantined individuals through a medical algorithm that can analyze an individual’s condition through questions. It guides them whether to stay at home in quarantine or establishes/schedule communication with one of the specialized medical institutions or refer them urgently to the nearest medical institution, if needed.

The Ministry of Health can monitor, through screens, the medical condition of infected and quarantined persons and it can estimate the number of cases that can be developed and their location, in order to proactively prepare for receiving cases.

The Second system is a medical supervising system (hMushrif) developed by eMushrif which is a tracking and follow-up system for infected and medically quarantined individuals. It uses a mobile app, along with a hand bracelet to determine the patients’ location through their mobile phones or any other mobile devices.

The gadget relays (submits) an instant report to the competent authorities about the movements and locations that a quarantined or infected person visits. It can also send alerts if this person leaves the quarantine location or tries to take off the bracelet.

The authorities in charge of the app can identify the infected persons once they get near them. The system also allows the authorities concerned to automatically identify the quarantined person through face detection technology.

It is worth noting that the system detects a positive case during or after the quarantine period through the information provided by the bracelet or smart application according to advanced algorithms. ONA

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