Sultanate attends Arab anti-graft meet in Morocco

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RABAT: The Sultanate, represented by the State Financial and Administrative Audit Institution (SFAAI), is taking part in the 3rd session of the Conference of the States Parties (COSP) to the Arab Anti-Corruption Convention which began in the Moroccan capital Rabat on Tuesday. The two-day conference is jointly organised by the Arab league and the National Authority for Integrity and the Prevention and Combating of Bribery in Morocco.
The conference discusses several topics including the implementation of the Arab anti-corruption conventions, following up on the implementation of the decisions issued at the second session of COSP which was held at the headquarters of the Arab League in 2017. The conference also discusses the report and recommendations made by the government experts of the COSP to the Arab Anti-Corruption Convention and the impact of the national strategies for combating corruption. A set of decisions proposed by member states will also be presented to the conference for approval.
The Sultanate ratified the Convention as per the Royal Decree No 28/2014 issued in May 21, 2014 stemming from its belief on the importance of Arab cooperation for preventing and combating corruption being a transboundary phenomenon.
The Convention, enforced in June 2013, is aimed to activate necessary measures that target to curb, prevent and disclose all forms of corruption and related crimes as well as enhance Arab cooperation in fighting anti-corruption and boosting transparency, integrity and the rule of law. — ONA

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