Closing: Tahdir Masar Training Courses in Witten Media
November 15, 2017
The Closing of the TahdirMasar: 5th April 2018
April 8, 2018

Conference number two 

Arab women journalists networking and upgrading national

Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal, the Arab Women Journalists Conference 2002 was held in Jordan, Amman and Petra, organized by the Arab Women’s Media Center from 24 to 27 October 2002 in Amman and Petra with the participation of: Oman, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen, and Palestine was absent due to the harsh conditions of the occupation, in addition to local Jordanian participation representing 35 media from all media organizations. It is worth mentioning that Eng. Nidal Al-Hadid, the Greater Amman Municipality, hosted a dinner dinner for Arab  and Jordanian media participants

* Recommendations:

First: Expanding the participation of the Arab media and enhancing its performance in conveying the reality of what is happening on the scene in the occupied Palestinian territories, and clarifying the suffering of the Palestinian media and providing media work to confront the occupation

Second: To provide media work requirements for the Iraqi media to face the open challenge and the constant threat facing the Iraqi people, and expand the base of their participation in all Arab event

Third: Continue to provide training programs for Arab women professionals on various professional techniques developed locally and Arab and increase their participation in conferences and symposia, and emphasize the right of women media to participate in seminars, courses and official delegations, Arab and international.

Fourth: to take care of the academic qualification and vocational training of the Arab media by trade unions and research.

Fifthly: activating the role of the Arab women’s media network established by the Arab women media center and working hard to feed the magazine by Arab women journalists and continuing efforts to issue a periodical that Arab women journalists from all over the Arab world will contribute in Arabic and English.

Sixth: Emphasizing the convening of the Arab Women Journalists Conference in Jordan on a yearly basis with the participation of Arab bodies and institutions, and organized by the Arab Women Media Center.

Seventh: Forming a follow-up committee to implement the recommendations of the conference and determine its future meetings.

Eighth: Establish similar branches parallel to the Arab women media center in all Arab countries.

Ninth: Communicate with radio and television institutions in the Arab world in order to continue the training of young women journalists.

Tenth: Provide the necessary protection for the Arab media during coverage of events in areas of risk.

Eleventh: Establishment of a specialized media library to collect media production related to Arab women and the creativity of Arab women journalists.

Twelfth: Preparation of the documentary film festival on Arab women to coincide with the third conference and the subsequent Arab media conferences.

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