The Nine Conference
December 19, 2018
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January 13, 2019

Arab Media in the Shadow of Democratic Transition

Princess Basma Bint Talal, Honorary President of the Arab Media Center, said that the media plays a more important role than ever before, whether in presenting the reality to the people as it is or in analyzing it and shedding light on the positions of different parties.

Her Highness, on her first sponsorship of the 10th Conference of Arab Women Journalists in Petra, said that this role requires the media to be a fourth authority exercising its role with the highest degree of responsibility.

“Women are still facing many challenges, the most important of which is that so far they have not been able to reap any benefits to the whole movement, and we see that in many cases they have lost a lot of what they got,” she said at the conference.

“We are facing a great challenge that must be addressed, which is to preserve the achievements you have made in the field of media and construction and not to allow any retreat in it,” she said.

She added that what you received was not easy and that it is very important that you keep it and give it more because your success as Arab media is a success and an element of progress for Arab women in all their positions.

Her Highness stressed that the media is also required to turn the media into a democratic institution in order to understand the situation and its implications.

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