Conference number eight
December 19, 2018
Conference number 10
December 19, 2018

“Arab woman  media and the role of political changes”

The 9th Arab Women Media Conference, which ended in Petra, called for setting up a sophisticated Arab media strategy to reorganize the media after the Arab revolutions.
In a conference organized by the Arab Women Media Center, Jordanian and Arab journalists called for enhancing Arab-African media relations and Arab media freedoms and raising their level in response to developments in the international media scene.
At the end of the two-day conference, 50 journalists and media experts from most Arab countries and Jordan recommended setting up an Arab regulatory framework to restructure the media body, activate the role of journalists’ unions, and strengthen the Arab legal and human rights role to protect Arab women journalists from violations.
They also recommended the necessity of adhering to the code of media honor and the international standards of freedom of opinion and expression and to obtain information, and to focus on the importance of keeping pace with the technological development in the world of communication and information, by activating the role of media through electronic media and social networking sites.
And called for the need to find appropriate means of communication, to activate the role and consolidation of Arab-African relations between Arab and African media, through the assignment of information in African countries follow the Center through media observatories.

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