Conference number four
October 5, 2017
Conference number three
November 5, 2017

Conference number five

  1. the role of Arab women in media to opening a dialogue with others.


Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal, Honorary President of the Arab Women Media Center, the Fifth Arab Media Conference was held in Amman under the title “Arab Media and Dialogue with the Other”, in the presence of 50 women journalists and a number of media and communication experts and representatives of regional organizations. From 15 Arab countries. The fifth conference coincided with the announcement of the establishment of two additional centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, bringing the number of centers to five centers in Palestine, Yemen and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

the Arab media and reached a committee of recommendations composed of representatives of Arab countries Post to:

1. The need to organize specialized training courses on the skills of addressing the other mechanisms, international laws and ethics of journalism and on the investment of the gender approach in the production of journalism.
2. Documenting the Arab media certificates and translating them and then publishing them in different media and electronic reality.
3 . Working to activate the partnership between Arab women journalists and Arab civil society organizations in order to hold seminars on how to modernize dialogue with the other Arab and internationally.
4 . Supporting the experiences of media professionals in the field of electronic journalism and facilitate the liberalization of data in more than one language and enhance their participation in conferences and seminars.
5. To support and encourage the Arab media to expose the occupation practices against media and media and to highlight their personal and social suffering and their experience and broadcast them on the widest possible scale.
6. Supporting the Arab Women’s Media Center in its specialized training programs and working on benefiting from its programs and the use of distinguished competencies and expertise.
7. To request the Arab Women’s Media Center to raise awareness of the human rights treaties adopted by the United Nations and ratified by their governments and to invite women journalists to use the means of the [periodic reports] for news coverage.
8. A follow-up committee of its members was created by the representatives of the participating Arab countries, as well as representatives of the Arab Media Center.

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