Conference number four
October 5, 2017
Closing: Tahdir Masar Training Courses in Witten Media
November 15, 2017
  1. Conference number three
  2. Arab women in media role in democracy and human rights codes’ publicity and education.

The Arab Women’s Media Conference organized by the Arab Women’s Media Center to inform public policy around the world 26-28 October 2004 and participated by 39 media from 14 Arab countries and 25 Jordanian journalists in addition to Arab women journalists from Britain and America. To the following:

First, to address the Chairman of the Council of Arab Ministers of Information to include representatives of Arab women journalists in their regular meetings, to find a suitable place for them so as not to stay away from making the media decision and raise all the recommendations emanating from the Council.

Second: The establishment of informational information centers for the Arab women media center in all the Arab countries participating in the conference and the maintenance of the conference of Arab women journalists periodically in each country.

Thirdly – The establishment of an Arab media library that takes advantage of the productions and publications of Arab women journalists in various media fields.

Fourth “- the adoption of the 12th day of the day of information in all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fifth: “The adoption of training courses for Arab female journalists, Iraqi and Saudi women in Arab countries, as required by each country.

Sixth: To work to find pressure forces to raise the salaries of female journalists in countries where there is a wage discrimination between men and women.

seventh: The Committee shall continue to formulate the work of the Arab Follow-up Center.
Eighth: Adopting the Media Charter of Honor issued by the participants in the 3rd Arab Women Media Conference – an “Arab” charter that Arab women journalists commit themselves to in their respective countries.
Ninth “- The establishment of an Arab-Arab media network on the Internet for Communication between the media English ” First and work to adopt women’s media issues and communicate them to decision makers to take the center that deserves.

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